A Neighborhood that Takes the Stress Away

harbor east promenade

The Promenade at Harbor East now has its own blog for residents and members of the community! So, what does that mean for you? With a blog, you’ll be able to further connect to the community, neighborhood, and everything Harbor East! The Promenade blog will be keep readers up-to-date with events, activities, and promotions within the community. Stay tuned to learn everything about the complex and local area!
So, Why Harbor East?
With a clean and safe span of twelve blocks, boredom ceases to exist. Why? The luxurious community of Harbor East has a plethora of opportunities for dining, wining, shopping, and more.
Better than a Home-Cooked Meal
Harbor East is a hub for fine dining, fine wine, and fine service. With a variety of cuisines, your cravings will never be unfulfilled. Unparalleled restaurants line the harbor with American, Italian, French, Latin, Lebanese, and Greek dishes. Lavish and opulent dining experiences at Cinghiale, Ouzo Bay, and Tagliata satisfy customers with fresh ingredients and exceptional taste. After an amazing evening meal, you could take a short walk to Haagen-Daz for some sweet treats. Perhaps you need to relax at one of the community’s many modern bars. All of the lounges offer a great hangout spot to mingle amongst other members of the community. Bygone, Elk Room, and Loch Bar all provide unique experiences in a posh atmosphere with hand-crafted beverages. Furthermore, besides the alluring and exquisite architecture and interior design, each parlor has an extensive cocktail list to meet all of your needs and desires. How about some caffeine after a long night out? Conveniently, there’s a Starbucks right on President Street. Whole Foods Market also serves a great cup of joe and provides the freshest groceries with an easy shopping experience.
A Little Retail Therapy
Stressed out from school or work? How about a little retail therapy at the many shops in the local area? There’s plenty of cosmetics and skincare to swatch, apply, and purchase at Mac Cosmeticsand Lush Cosmetics. Need a new outfit for your morning run or trip to the local fitness center, Maryland Athletic Center (MAC)? Harbor East caters to all your athleisure needs. Or, perhaps you desire handsomely cut suits and shapely dresses from local boutiques? We have it all!
You Can’t Say That You’re Bored Here
With access to services such as Zipcar, one can travel all over town. You can watch the most recent film and snack on gourmet concessions at the fabulous Landmark Theatres. Harbor East encourages self-care and motivation with engaging classes at the Maryland Athletic Center, such as yoga, pilates, and spin. Or, if you need a destressor, you can take a trip to the spa at Four Seasons. Each activity is met with soothing views of the dazzling water along the Marina. Harbor East will provide you with endless opportunities of fun, relaxation, and quality experiences.
Your Home at the Promenade
Being the focal point of an astounding community with much to do, The Promenade is an ideal residence. Located at 1001 Aliceanna Street, you are accompanied by splendid views of both landscape and buildings. Each space has granite kitchens and designer furniture packages for your enjoyment. Besides the luxurious interior design, the complex maintains many amenities: the pool, conference rooms, fitness center, and Club Room. Beyond the spectacular waterfront views that’ll leave you breathless, the apartment is also equipped with easy parking. The Promenade is an exquisite residence located in an amazing community that will provide happiness for stressed students and professionals alike. Stay tuned to the Promenade Blog for more news, events, and all things Harbor East!