Resolution-friendly Restaurants in Harbor East

healthy eating 2020

It’s officially 2020 and the start of a new decade—new decade, new you! So, take action and accomplish all of your health and fitness resolutions this year.

Do your resolutions center around health, wellness, and fitness? If so, Promenade wants to highlight that your health and wellness journey doesn’t have to be boring! That’s right, you do not have to stay in and cook all winter long!

Here are some restaurants in Harbor East with fresher, nutrient-dense food that will improve overall health and wellness! And…they’re all within walking distance! So, get some steps in and burn some calories to and from nutritious and delicious meals in Harbor East.

In A Rush? Check Out These Fast Casual Options

Stress, time, and life events may push us to eat on-the-fly, without worrying about ratios and nutrients. Here are some great casually clean options to eat on-the-go.


Bambao is known for their Asian cuisine, bubble tea, and fresh ingredients! Replenish energy and eat clean with their veggie bowls; bases may be substituted for cauliflower rice and proteins may be substituted with tofu!

Check out the menu here.

Harbor East Deli

Harbor East Deli may not be known for the healthiest menu, but you may certainly order “better” items. Why not create-your-own sandwich and switch out white bread for a lettuce wrap? Stay away from hard-to-digest rich sauces and fried food and opt for their fresh salads instead.

Nando’s Peri Peri

Who doesn’t love Nando’s? Did you know that they have healthier chicken options? Stay away from deep-fried foods with excessive oils and unhealthy fats, and order flame-grilled boneless chicken thighs…that’re only 270 calories! They also serve vegetable wraps and salads. Tip: Replace the fries with spicy mixed olives or butternut squash and corn.

Taco Fiesta

Who said that eating healthy has to be bland? Check out this local-favorite’s personalizable burrito bowls, with your choice of meat, rice, beans, tomatoes, scallions, and cilantro! You can also turn this into a make-your-own salad!

Their salsa is made with fresh ingredients and made from scratch every morning! 

Check out the menu here.


Eat clean with sweetgreen! All seasonal plates, warm bowls, and salads are made with fresh ingredients! Don’t like the bowls on the menu? That’s okay, you can customize your own!

Also, try out their housemade beverages with fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs. Recommended: Try out the Jasmine Green Iced Tea with antioxidants and 0g of added sugar!

Sit-Down Spots

Looking to sit-down and enjoy time with friends or family? These spots offer some clean and delectable dishes!

Azumi Baltimore

Azumi is known for their Japanese cuisine. Their healthiest sashimi and maki rolls will most likely incorporate tuna and salmon. Both salmon and tuna are rich with antioxidants, proteins, and healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids.

If you’re not interested in sushi, then check out their healthier entrees with fresh and locally-grown ingredients! 

Cava Mezze

Cava Mezze’s modern Greek dishes are not only delicious…but healthy? They not only have vegan options, but they also have a gluten-free menu!

Chiu’s Sushi

Also known for their Japanese cuisine, Chiu’s Sushi offers various sashimi, sushi, teriyaki, and tempura dishes.

Sashimi rolls are the easiest-to-digest and are rich in healthy fats, proteins, and nutrients. Check out their options here. Not into sashimi? Vegetable rolls provide lots of fibers and the simple carbohydrates are easy to breakdown and replenish energy!

Check out their menu for salads, soups, and other clean dishes.

Lebanese Taverna

Trying to cut-out excess carbohydrates, fats, and oils? Lebanese Taverna has a fresh salad bar, so explore options like: Kale Tabouleh, Roasted Beet, and Grilled Salmon!

Their entrees have grilled proteins, locally-grown vegetables, and “good” carbohydrates, like brown rice! So, some good options are: Mouzat, Chicken Farrouj, Salmon Harra, and Eggplant Fatteh.

Loch Bar

Loch Bar’s chic and modern feel isn’t the only reason you should stop-by! Here’s why: Raw oysters are not only  and aphrodesiac, but also and healthy. That’s right! Raw oysters are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and minerals. Besides, a half dozen oysters are typically around 45 calories.

Beyond oysters, Loch Bar serves refreshing and filling salads, carefully curated entrees, (i.e., their Grilled Atlantic Swordfish and Scottish Salmon), and healthy sides!

You could even splurge with their Caviar— One serving of caviar has an adult’s daily requirement of Vitamin B12.

Ouzo Bay

Ouzo Bay is bringing Greece to Baltimore with their modern brunch, lunch, and dinner options.

Some “healthier” Brunch options include, but are not limited to: Avocado Toast, Egg White Frittata, and the Gluten-Free Greek Omelet.

Stopping by for lunch? Check out their delicious zucchini chips, lemon herb potatoes, and salads!

Their dinner options include fresh and grilled fish, grilled veggies, and a delicious Grilled Salmon Garbanzo!


It’s not hard to eat clean at this unique Hawaiian-fusion restaurant…well, besides their dessert menu.

Check-out their fresh sushi, salads, fish, and shellfish on their dinner menu here. Recommended: Misoyaki “Butterfish,” Roasted Shoyu Half Chicken, and a side of Sauteed Mushrooms.

All menus, including the lunch menu, have gluten-free and vegetarian items, such as: Fresh Local Greens Salad, Miso Soup, and Teriyaki Tofu.


Who knew that Italian food could be so healthy? That’s right, there’s more than just guilty-pleasure carbs and rich sauces!

Order their grilled and pan-roasted fish for lower calories and fats. Their side dishes are chock full with fresh vegetables, so order some roasted squash, fingerling potatoes, and mushrooms.

Pastas and red meats may be high in calories, so keep an eye out for portions.

The Bygone

Interested in an appetizer? Skip the extra butter and fats with The Bygone’s delicious Grilled Artichokes packed with nutrients and zesty lemon juice.

Not interested in lobster? Check out their Half Amish Chicken, roasted with mushrooms and brussel sprouts!

Make a reservation and eat cleaner!

New to Harbor East


This South American-inspired restaurant is brand new! So, stop by the Four Seasons Hotel for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Maximón not only offers live music, but freshly grilled meats, fresh salads, poached egg breakfasts, and delicious soaked oats.

Remember, eating “healthy” does not equate to: fad diets, relying on one category of food, (i.e., veggies), or excessively limiting yourself.

Let’s safely accomplish our health goals and promote wellness this year, all while enjoying the fabulous restaurants in Harbor East.