Honoring Earth Day at The Promenade

earth day

This upcoming Wednesday, April 22nd, marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. The “theme” for this Earth Day is climate action, and thus, how environmental changes have impacted ecosystems and human populations.

Spread the word and take action this Earth Day. You can also donate here. Below are ways you can celebrate this April.

The History of Earth Day

Rachel Carlson’s 1962 work Silent Spring launched a watershed movement by discussing the effects of pollution on ecosystems and public health. Eight years later, in 1970, twenty million Americans rallied in the streets for healthy environments and sustainability. Universities and colleges argued against harmful raw sewage, oil spills, power plants, toxic dumps, and pesticides.

As a result, the modern environmental movement was launched. The EPA and The Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts were passed after the First Earth Day.

Click here to read more about the history of Earth Day.

Appreciate Mother Earth

Appreciate Mother Earth and go on nature walks next Wednesday. At Promenade, we are lucky to be in close proximity to such amazing parks.

Druid Hill Park

745-acre Druid Hill Park offers various scenic routes and trails for park-goers. Their lake also provides some zen and stunning views.

Federal Hill Park

Take in the breathtaking views of Charm City atop this historical park.

Patterson Park

The expansive Patterson Park has plenty trails and the view of the Victorian pagoda is definitely worth the visit!

Be Green and Keep the Earth Clean

For what it’s Earth, we should be green and keep it clean! Be earth-friendly and practice recycling, conservativity, and sustainability. For example, turn off lights/electronics when not in-use, forgo plastics, and go paperless. Also, shopping local and organic can help the environment.

Peas on Earth

Keep the Earth green and plant a few things — flowers, small trees, ferns, and more. Plants are important for all living things due to their release of carbon dioxide and intake of oxygen. Their survival is significant for our atmosphere, air, climate, food, water, and wellness.

Have a green thumb? Shop local with B.Willow or Canton Ace Hardware and order plants, gardening tools, for delivery. Flowers and Fancies is also a local business that offers various flowers and plants.

Have a Happy Earth Day!