On Your Way to Work (From Home) at The Promenade?


As the COVID-19 pandemic advances, many of us have to socially distance and work from home. Whilst your apartment home here at The Promenade is a comfortable and familiar environment, it’s important to separate our living spaces from our working spaces. Take a look at some of our top work from home tips, as well as where to score some new office furniture and supplies at local Baltimore retailers.

Work from Home Tips

Ergonomics refers to the application, analysis, and study of people’s efficiency, efficacy, and productivity within a work environment. Recent studies have shown that working from home may lower productivity, concentration, and retention. Steve Todd’s article, “Why Are Home Office Ergonomics So Important,” highlights that we should separate our living and working spaces by a desk, chair, and office decor. By doing so, we will be less distracted, stay organized, and produce better work. Furthermore, by separating these spaces, you’re also helping your mental health, boosting bodily health, fighting off insomnia, and finding balance. Having a dedicated space for work, with proper lighting, will be great for those Zoom work calls!

When creating your work from home space, support local. By supporting local businesses, you are furthering Baltimore’s local economy, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Here are some great local stationary, office, and furniture stores.

Desk Desires

By purchasing a new desk, you’re creating clear boundaries between relaxation and work. Besides, these desk options are sure to spruce up your apartment with their beauty and charm.

MiY Home

MiY Home, or Mine is Yours, is owned by Baltimore duo Michael and Scott. For over 15 years, they have specialized in interior design and the furniture industry. Due to their comfortable nature and environment. MiY is extremely personable and charming. Besides, MiY Home’s pieces are not only delightful, but affordable and attainable. Feel free to schedule a consultation with MiY Home!

MiY Home has over 50 desk options, so there’s something for everyone. Feel free to check these out:

The Sigma Desk is a sleek, functional, and compact desk, perfect for your apartment. Furthermore, the Sigma Desk is known for its satin-etched tempered glass finish, keyboard drawer, wire management system, and thermally infused laminate to prevent overheating and damage.

The 6301 Format Desk is a modern and functional desk, with an intelligent wire management system and various storage drawers. This non-slip desk is made with a hardwood veneer and steel, and is also available in a walnut or charcoal stain.

Sandtown Furniture Co.

Sandtown Furniture Co. is a Baltimore-based company that sells and creates unique and handcrafted wooden furniture pieces. A few years ago, one of Sandtown’s founders stumbled across discarded wooden beams. Later, they repurposed those wooden pieces into furniture, fostering environmental sustainability.

If you’re looking for a stunning desk, Sandtown’s furniture is durable, long-lasting, and unparalleled. You may view their reclaimed wooden desks here; it will surely yield success and positivity within your career.

Have A Seat

These local shops have the cutest and comfiest chairs for your long working hours. Feel free to check out their desk options as well.

Design Distillery

In 1998, interior designer Karen Graveline sought to furnish her Baltimore rowhome with eclectic and extraordinary furniture pieces from the 1950s and 1960s. After repurposing vintage furniture, she quickly became obsessed with midcentury and accessible household furniture and items. As a result, she began Design Distillery.

Design Distillery offers a wide array of desks, in numerous colors, glosses, and styles. You can view their list by clicking here. Most pieces have a modern feel with plenty of legroom. Don’t forget about their funky and comfy office chairs either!

Su Casa

Su Casa opened in Fell’s Point in 1999 and have specialized in gorgeous furniture pieces crafted by artisans and woodworkers.

Promote bodily circulation and better work output with a matching office chair. Su Casa also retails a variety of desk options in differing finishes, sizes, and styles. You can scroll through their available desks, by clicking here.

And Jot It Down

Stay organized, driven, and retentive with these stationary items.

Homebody General Store

Homebody is a Baltimore-based store that ethically sources stationary, apparel, and textiles from international artists. 

Their notebook sets and agendas are not only adorable, but perfect for jotting down notes, appointments, and reminders. Homebody also has matching pencil sets.

Row House 14

Heidi, a former Baltimore teacher, founded Row House 14, after crafting cards and stationary as a creative outlet from stress. Years later, she is thriving with her local business, reusing recycled paper and goods in her stationary.

If you’re in the market for notepads, look no further. Row House 14 has cute and affordable notepad sets, perfect for to-dos, lists, goals, and reminders.

Spruce Up Your Desk and Walls

Decorate your office space with some greenery and art.


B.Willow is a local Baltimore business, specializing in everything green. Their mission is to connect us with nature on a daily basis.

Check out their “Easy Plants” collection, a perfect pair for your office desk and decor. We recommend their potted dessert globe, potted dracaena, and/or potted succulent. All are easy to care for.

Tiny Dog Press

Tiny Dog Press is a Baltimore-based and centered business. Fun Fact: All of their products are printed with a real proofing or platen press.

Their Charm City print is perfect for your wall or Zoom background. They offer silk screen 16” x 20” posters of the Domino Sugar sign, Bromo Seltzer Tower, Thames Street, Patterson Park Pagoda, and the Baltimore city bench.

And, don’t forget about their matching coasters. You don’t want to ruin your new desk with coffee or tea stains/rings.

We hope that everyone has an amazing and productive time, whilst working from home at The Promenade.